Discover what makes you unique; your personal branding.
             Make confident career choices that match who you are.
                         Once aligned, you are ready to lead the life you love...

             Self-Mastery Solutions is for you if you are:
  a professional wanting a more personally fulfilling career
  in career transition looking for guidance on how to land your next job
  uncertain of what career suits you best
  interested in learning how to leverage your unique contribution
  Eliminate indecisiveness or confusion about what to do next.
  Gain confidence in your career choices.
  Be empowered to articulate your unique contribution.
  Uncover your hidden talents, strengths, motivations and career interests.
  Learn how to better manage yourself and your circumstances under stress.
  Recent clients said...
  “I was leaving my present job and city and looking for work in a new state. Arlene's expertise was instrumental in refining my resume, interview preparation and she answered my many questions as I faced the current job market. Taking the Birkman Method® provided clear understanding of my strengths, challenges, and preferred work environment. This gave me confidence to be the best candidate for employment and the best person I could be. The Birkman along with Arlene’s coaching were key in determining the right positions to apply for and brought my job search to a quick and successful conclusion.”
                                    —N. McReynolds, Event Manager
  “As a senior executive with a regional bank I became focused on career planning because of reorganization discussions and concerns about facing the job market after years of steady employment.  Arlene used the Birkman Method® to help identify my strengths and interests, so I could more confidently look at options outside of banking.  She helped me understand what job families would be most suitable for my skills and temperament. Perhaps most helpful was how the Birkman revealed habits that showed up in stressful situations that I had not seen before.  This was some of the best career coaching I’ve ever had.”
                                     — D. Shannon
                                          Senior Vice President CRE Loan Administration.



This Guidebook will show you among other things: how to write a successful resume; write an interesting cover letter and deliver a winning interview, so you can Land your Ideal Job!


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