Hidden Talents
“I was really impressed with Arlene’s insightfulness and her ability to "suggest" rather than “tell.” I was surprised by her career recommendations for my son, but then when I thought about it, it all made sense. Sometimes it is hard for the people closest to you to see what is really there. Arlene brought out the hidden qualities and talents that make my son’s skills marketable.”
                                         — Shannon Barisoff, Business Owner 



A New Direction
“Arlene was very helpful in guiding me to a potential new career. With the use of the Birkman, she showed me specific skills and talents I had which gave me hiring potential in a career other than the one I had been in. Arlene cares about you and wants you to be successful in obtaining the career you're looking for.”
                                         — Aaron Barisoff, Buyer


Hiring The Right People and Solving People Problems
“We found the Birkman Method to be instrumental in critical hiring decisions because it does not assume that the way you act is also the way you want to be treated.  It is a tool more directed at understanding behaviors.  The Birkman questionnaire probes for hard skills but also evaluates interests, motivations, and responses to everyday pressures.  Its report includes an easy-to-interpret, color-coding system to show job strengths, management style, and career orientation.  We used it not only for ultimately making hiring decisions, but also as a coaching guide to foster cohesion within a department,  further the understanding of a colleague’s approach, and for team building.  Arlene Kaplan facilitated the dialogue and her excellent communication skills prompted one manager to specifically ask for her clarification and expert Birkman analysis before moving forward with any candidate for employment.”
                                     — Brenda Genao
                                          Senior Human Resources Specialist


“As a senior executive with a regional bank I became focused on career planning because of reorganization discussions and concerns about facing the job market after years of steady employment.  Arlene used the Birkman to help identify my strengths and interests, so I could more confidently look at options outside of banking.  She helped me understand what job families would be most suitable for my skills and temperament. Perhaps most helpful was how the Birkman revealed habits that showed up in stressful situations that I had not seen before.  This was some of the best career coaching I’ve ever had.”
                                     — Debra Shannon
                                          Senior Vice President CRE Loan Administration